Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A fork in the road

I miss going for walks. I used to love going with dad and Jaime -- Jamie! Was that a dream that he got punched. Not likely. He stays out of the way, but…

She didn’t want to think anymore. If he did get punched, what could she even do about it anyway? She’d think about it when she returned home. Right now, it was time to not think. She looked around for something to take her mind elsewhere. Spotting a squirrel near by, she quickly took off her heels and dashed after it. She didn’t care that the couple walking on her left stared after her. How could they even tell who she was in the fog and wet, anyway? Annabell’s skirt fluttered in the wind as she darted in and out of trees after the squirrel as fast as she could. What the heck am I doing? But she reminded herself, she wasn’t thinking. The ground was getting softer and softer under her bear feet.

BAM! Her feet has slipped on something slimy on the ground, and she landed flat on her butt, hitting her tailbone on a rock. “FUCK!” She rolled over onto her stomach, clutching her butt with both hands, tears beginning to streaming down her face from the pain. She laid there, with her face in the mud, crying.


Annabell opened her eyes to find a man and a little boy sitting about 3 feet away from her.

“Can I provide you with your prophecy?” the old man said in a quite, mysterious voice.

Annabell looked at him with a blank stare, utterly startled.

“WHAT THE HELL MAN! I’m sitting here crying my eyes out from pain and you’re asking me if I want a prophecy? What is wrong with you! No, I don’t fucking what a prophecy,” she yelled with such anger in her blood, she forgot about her pain until she tried to roll over to face the man.

“Ahhhhh!!!” The pain seemed to be sneaking up her spine.

“Your prophecy will help you heal,” he responded with the calmest tone. He paused, “The truth with all its power lives inside you.”

Again, Annabell stared at him simply stunned at his response.

“WHAT? I think that is actually your own prophecy because the truth right now is that I am hurt and I need help because this pain is becoming worse by the second and all you are doing is sitting there acting like you’re simply commenting on how good your food is but that is not what is happening. FUCKING CALL 911!!!” She responded with all her might because the pain was overwhelming her. Her vision began to blur.

All she heard as she lost consciousness was the old man repeating himself: “The truth with all its power lives inside you. The truth with all its power lives inside you. The truth with all its power lives inside you…”