Friday, September 23, 2016


As she exists her block of flats, a pop and sizzle a couple blocks down prompts her to briefly pause in her swift stride to roll her eyes. Not again. What is wrong with American electricians? This is the fifth power outage since she arrived with her English passport in hand two weeks ago. Her stride wavers now because in her favorite baby blue wedges, her path became a dangerous place to tread without light.

She continues on her way to what her overly friendly neighbors say is “literally the best bar in the surrounding 55 square miles,” but that doesn’t mean much, since this town is not a city. Also why do Americans say “literally” all the time? Do they normally talk metaphorically? What should I say to the waiter when he compliments my outfit? ‘I am literally wearing my favorite outfit that literally costs 500 euro. You might think it ugly, but it actually isn’t. Americans literally just don’t have a fashion sense and literally walk out in public without pondering their appearance’....Well that sounds stupid. That last thought put a smile on her face, which some stranger thought was for them. Literally awkward.

She spots the sign two blocks up, “Burger Bar.” As she approaches, a smaller sign comes into focus: “must be 21 to enter after 9pm.” All she can think about is how she secretly wishes it said “must be 22 to live America.” I hope they literally serve good tea. She smiles kindly at the man holding the door for her, but quickly looks away as to avoid the always ensuing stare when they notice her eyes: her left hazel and her right light blue. Hopefully, this new world can give me a new start.