Thursday, January 19, 2017


Annabell walked her daily assigned, slow, walk. After 8 weeks of barely making herself broth, tea and laying down, she really enjoyed her daily walks, no matter how ugly the city was. Jamie had bought her groceries and kindly helped her out whenever she needed it. Jamie wasn’t ever a mean person, but he had just been so patient with her despite her rude, entitled self. Yeah, she knew she was like that, but never really felt like changing...well...she hadn’t ever seriously considered.

On her right, Connie's Coffee took her by surprise with it’s beautiful arrangement of flowers. She spotted a Anthurium flower, her mother’s favorite because the petals were shaped like a heart. The flower fit her mother. Why am I so different from mother? Maybe she should try something new. After all, America is supposedly the “new world.”

Hate or love? It should be obvious. Time to call father.

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