Wednesday, March 8, 2017


The ground under Annabelle’s running feet shook as the storm surrounding her raged. She was running out of steam from her 10 mile run, so she popped another Gatorade energy jelly into her mouth.

CRASH! This magnitude of the lightning flash startled her to her hands and knees. As she lifted her head, the lightning continued to light up the forest around her and the beauty of the world smacked her in the face with such force she fell onto her back.

All she could do was stare. The rain splashed onto her, but then ran off into the dirt.

All she could think of was the quote her mom had always told her as a young child; “Don’t ever let what you’ve already done define what you do today and tomorrow.”

It was as if rain dripping from her body was taking away her anger, her grief, her frustrations, her hurt. The water was deteriorating the cardboard wall she had set up around herself, freeing her to stretch her arms.

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