Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Annabell sat on the park bench in awe. The storm had made the trees lack their usual grand splendor and made the buildings sway with fragility. The world is so much more powerful than the people living in it.

Suddenly, a black mustang car revved up the street and stopped abruptly in front of her.

“GET OUT, NOW!” came a muffled yell from inside of the car. The owner of the voice displayed a red faced with split flying in all directions.

The passenger door flew open and out came a young girl, about 16. She turned around and slammed the door in response to the following harsh words.

“How does it feel now to have to fend for yourself without the help of your daddy? Huh? Huh? You can rot here with this town!” exclaimed the spitting face again, and off the car left leaving behind a girl with a t-shirt of a rose lifecycle.

The girl’s lifted head held a straight but calm face, lacking the emotion expected. She walked down the sidewalk toward the Rainbow River, ignoring the surrounding stares and silence.

Suddenly, Annabell filled with anger that quickly slid into a pain. Mirror. Tears began sliding down her face. She’d forgotten she still had it in her to cry from the pains in her heart.

Everyone continued to stare, as if Michelangelo, himself, were sculpting her as she walked down the sidewalk, but her disregard for this seemed to leave the bystanders embarrassed instead of herself.

About an hour later, Annabell had found out that the girl, whose name was Ruth, had been picked up by her father from school. She greeted her father and asked about his day. He flipped out, yelling at her. She hadn’t understood it all, but what she did catch that her dad had lost his job, his third in three months after losing his wife, Ruth’s mother, and his two sons, Ruth’s brothers, in a mall shooting.

Annabell and Ruth landed on the same bench Annabell sat on that morning. A peaceful silence followed Ruth’s reveal, tears streaming down both their faces now.

But the moment didn’t last for long. Up came a black mustang and a yelling father telling his daughter to come back.

Ruth’s hesitation prompted her father to pull out a handgun, switching its end between Annabell and Ruth.

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