Friday, April 28, 2017


All she'd been able to do for the last week was eat, sleep, and stare out the window. Ruth's father hadn't shot either of them but he had hit the bench behind them.

She started down the stairs. An ambulance sounded in the distance slowly becoming louder. As she reached the 4th floor she heard a dog barking ferociously so she spread up down the stairs searching for the source. She entered into he second floor and found many others crowded around room 204.

"It's Rory," one woman said.

"Who is that?" asked another.

"I don't know, but she loves her dog. That's all I can say," responded the woman with an aire of arrogance.

Annabelle stared at the woman who quickly noticed and stared right back.

"Really? That's all? This woman in there is hurt and all you can say is that her whole being comes down to her love of a dog?" Annabelle said in astonishment.

"Yeah! She is a loser. I mean who cares if someone like that dies? She ain't doing anything for society anyways."

Annabelle didn't have words to respond with.

After about 30 seconds, Annabelle gave the women a hug and asked if she wanted to go out for coffee.

This woman needed some love. Real love.

Later, Annabelle found out that Rory got hit by a car and died. Time to love the ones in her surroundings because the time might slip away fast.

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